The Best Version of Air-King BaselWorld 2016 by JF Famous Maker

1. 1:1 same size and high-quality case replicated from a genuine sample.

2. High-Quality Bracelet, Amazing Brush finished and very smooth like genuine. (The same factory who makes the AP Bracelet)

3. High-Quality screws, Same size, and perfect shape as genuine.

4. Asian Super Clone 3131 Automatic movement which is 100% same size as original, Correct direction (Clockwise) to adjust time & date.

5. Correct crown position as genuine.

6. The Enhance waterproof High-Quality Rubber ‘O’ Ring as genuine, Look at the case back images!

7. Correct ‘Curved’shape of the case back, High-Quality polished & brush finished, JF Maker spent a long time to make the shape of the case back to be perfect. It is 1:1 same as genuine.

This Air-King by JF is the best version so far!

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