Everything you need to know about Intime’s measures and new protocols for work due to the Coronavirus outbreak

1. First and foremost, there is no one infected with the coronavirus in Intime. Yet all employees will be working from their home so we can keep things that way until the situation is dealt with.

2. Due to outbreak, the holiday is expected to be prolonged until mid to end February so we cannot process new orders until then. If you already have an order and the current situation makes you revise it, there is no problem. Please just email with subject “Revision Order ID XXXXX” and the revision you would like, and we will arrange it immediately.

3. Intime has taken all measures to ensure your packages are safe by keeping a very high level of hygiene when working with the watches. Moreover, let us remind you that the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that coronavirus cannot survive for too long on surfaces so any shipments from China are safe.

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